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Alfredo Muccino was asked to be on the jury of the prestigious REBRAND 100 Awards competition to identify the best rebranding work from 2015.



We are honored to announce that Alfredo Muccino, the CEO / Executive Creative Director of Solid Branding was one of the judges of the REBRAND100® Awards – the most respected global award competition for brands that have undergone substantial improvements through a brand redesign and repositioning process. Alfredo joined a panel of international business, marketing and design executives who evaluate the entries and selected the winners.


REBRAND™, a leading global resource for information on effective brand transformation, is the organization behind the REBRAND 100 Global Awards. 10 years ago, REBRAND started this annual competition to celebrate and highlight the very best work being delivered in this category across the world. There are many reasons why companies small and large consider major rebranding efforts: Competitor pressures, growth through acquisition, changing marketplace conditions, or a shift in strategic direction are all potential factors leading to considering a brand repositioning and revitalization exercise. Managing this highly complex process requires careful evaluation of existing brand equities, a considered strategic approach taking into account the competitive marketplace, and world-class design execution. That is why the REBRAND 100 Global Awards is such an important competition as only the best of the best is selected by a demanding jury and extremely strict judging criteria.


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Rebrands look easy, but are far from it. It’s no small feat to navigate the delicate balance between the strengths of existing brand attributes and loyal customers with the demands our dynamic, nano-attention-span world dictates. The brands that were ultimately selected through this competition were evaluated on the basis of the strategic impact of the work considering the business conditions for the rebrand, the audience segment they needed to influence, as well as the design executions.

“This incredible 2016 showcase of brand transformation case studies reveals the power of brands as key assets of organizations around the world. Welcome, enjoy, and please share!”

Anaezi Modu
Founder and CEO, REBRAND™


The 2016 jury for the REBRAND 100 Global Awards included Business Leaders, Brand Strategists, Designers, and Educators from all around the globe:

face1Labaika Ashiru
EMEA Brand Strategy & Design

face 2Maya Karanouh

face 3Jonni Kuutsa
Partner, Managing Director and Chief Designer
Porkka & Kuutsa Oy

face 4Paul Lechleiter
Chief Creative Officer

face 5Chizor Malize
Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Brandzone Consulting LLC

face 6Kristin Volk
Executive Vice President, Chief Planning Officer
Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

face 7Jacqueline Thng
Hong Kong

face 8Kelvin Taylor
Projects Director and Associate

face 9Berenice Ring
Professor + Coordinator of MBA Courses,
FGV- Fundação Getúlio Vargas

face 10Alfredo Muccino
CEO / Executive Creative Director
Solid Branding


Alfredo Muccino partners with David Carson to reimagine the iconic logo created by legendary creative director, Milton Glaser.



After Alfredo Muccino left Liquid Agency, the company he co-founded 16 years ago in Silicon Valley, he moved to New York and launched Solid Branding. Shortly after his move, the City of New York approached Mr. Muccino and invited him to re-imagine the iconic “I ❤️ NY” logo originally crafted by legendary Creative Director, Milton Glaser. Mr. Muccino partnered up with his friend, Mr. David Carson (, the controversial designer who also recently moved to New York city.

“Both David and I really like the current ‘I❤️NY’ logo and greatly respect the work of Mr. Glaser. However we were intrigued by
the idea of evolving such an iconic mark.” Alfredo Muccino, CEO/Executive Creative Director of Solid Branding

Alfredo and David met when they were both living in Portland, Oregon. David Carson is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer who is best known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. His widely imitated aesthetic defined the so-called “grunge typography” era. Alfredo Muccino is the CEO / Executive Director of Solid Branding. He is the recipient of numerous awards by many prestigious design organizations and is recognized as an innovative brand strategist and creative director who has helped shape the brand identities of many significant Silicon Valley companies.


The I ❤️ NY logo and Alfredo Muccino with Mr. Milton Glaser, the legendary designer that created the original logo and has been an inspiration to Mr. Muccino ever since he became interested in design.


The “I❤️NY” was created by Milton Glaser and first used in 1977 to promote the city and state at a time when crime was at an all time high and New York was far from the tourist destination it is today. Wanting to make a difference, Mr. Glaser did the work entirely probono, in the name of helping the city rise again. “That’s how it should be,” he told graphic designer Chip Kidd in an interview in The Believer. “You want to do things like that, where you feel you can actually change things.” Today the icon generates more than $30 Million a year in revenues for the City of New York.


Once they agreed to work on the project, Alfredo and David got together often to talk about NY’s vibrant creative community, the city’s rich history, the unique mix of cultures, and the amazing energy that permeates New York’s diverse neighborhoods. “This could be a dangerous undertaking,” said David to Alfredo during one of their talks. “The logo is extremely popular and much loved. But maybe, like The MET, American Airlines, Starbucks, and others have done so successfully, we can explore a fresh approach.” “I know it is dangerous” retorted Alfredo, “but like New York, we don’t want to play it safe. Risk-taking is how we get to our best work!”

The proposed concepts are meant to express what NY really stands for, what it means to “love” this city, and even “what is love” itself.




Alfredo Muccino’s version is designed as a flexible system featuring images and textures that represent the many facets of New York. “I started by replacing the font in the current logo with one that is a bit more structured and bold” explained Alfredo, describing his process. “More importantly, I wanted to represent the icon as a window into New York’s heart. I envisioned that people could change the images and interpret New York as they see it, making the icon a dynamic symbol that is constantly changing and evolving – just like the city itself”.



According to Mr. Carson “In my version, the type is the star. The way the type is stacked is offers a slight hint of the city’s tall buildings. New York is all about what you see, thus the “eye”. People really “love” ny. Love is everywhere in the city”. While the original logo will always be around”, Mr. Carson added, “these official new versions speak to a modern New York, each one of the new versions along with the original represents something unique about New York. The way I see it, this city is all about choices, and now you have three.”


These new logos were completed only a few weeks ago and have not yet been implemented. We’re looking forward to seeing them on shirts, mugs and billboards throughout New York. And we’re looking forward to seeing what you think of Alfredo’s and David’s interpretations. So, we invite you to share this article via our social media channels – and, please feel free to send us an email, if that’s easier.


Alfredo Muccino, the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Liquid Agency launches a new agency called Solid Branding.



Alfredo Muccino started Liquid Agency with Scott Gardner in San Jose, CA in 2000. Shortly after launching their new company the .com bubble burst, and many of their clients went out of business. “It was not the best of times” says Alfredo Muccino, the former Chief Creative Officer of Liquid Agency. The two partners and a handful of others who helped launch the company did not give up. Instead they rolled up their sleeves and worked together because failure was not an option. Despite the tough economic conditions they managed to survive and ultimately built what today is considered one of the most respected brand agencies in Silicon Valley.

Now, after almost 16 years of providing creative leadership to Liquid Agency, Alfredo Muccino has started a new firm, aptly called Solid Branding. Solid is focused on Brand Design and has offices in New York and Silicon Valley, sharing office space and resources with Liquid.

“For the last couple of years I have had a nagging desire to return to my roots and focus my energy on projects where brand design is at the center of the solution” says Alfredo Muccino, now the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Solid Branding

“I am excited to be running a smaller shop where I can work collaboratively with our clients and provide leadership directly to the teams doing the work” says Alfredo. “As Liquid grew, my role became mostly managerial. At Solid, I am closely involved in the work, and that’s what I love doing most”.

The business model for Solid is based on leveraging a highly distributed global network of talent resources who are assembled into teams depending on the specific needs of the client and the expertise of the team members. According to Mr. Muccino, “This approach allows us to offer world-class solutions without the burden of a large full time staff which often makes agencies less nimble and more expensive”.

Solid is currently working with global brands as well as companies at earlier stages of their growth. Most of its clients are based in the US, but it is also working with companies based in Europe, Asia and Latin America.