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Our experience includes new brand development, brand refresh programs and full scale rebranding initiatives for companies ranging from startups to major global corporations. Every one of our solutions is designed to establish differentiation from the competitive alternatives, inspire trust, and drive sales. The ultimate goal is always to positively impact the bottom line.


We work collaboratively with VC firms, founders and executive teams to launch entirely new companies or introduce new products being developed by established businesses.

These projects typically include the initial strategy, brand identity assets, and marketing tools needed to create awareness, establish trust, and inspire preference for the new brand over the competitive alternatives.


Brand refresh programs benefit established companies that may have neglected their brand and become less relevant over time. A brand refresh may also be useful when a company is expanding into new markets and may need to revisit their brand to address a new set of audience segments. And in some cases, companies seek to optimize their brand to maximize the company’s valuation in advance of a major financial event, such as a merger, an acquisition or a potential IPO.

A successful brand refresh can re-energize relationships with existing customers and create excitement with new targets, leading to improved sales and revenue. By the way, a refreshed brand can also inspire the internal culture and help attract top talent. All of this can have a significant impact on a company’s financial valuation which explains why Private Equity firms use brand refreshes as a business strategy for their portfolio companies.


A full scale rebrand is an important strategic business decision that has to be considered very, very carefully. A rebrand requires proper research and planning, and it involves a substantial financial investment. If a rebrand project fails to resonate with the audiences it seeks to influence, it can be extremely damaging to the business. On the other hand, when it is executed successfully, a rebrand can deliver major benefits and create significant value for the business.

Comprehensive rebrands are often driven by a major financial transaction, such as a merger with another brand which may trigger the need for an entirely new name and approach. At other times a rebrand is used to signal a major shift in business direction. In some cases, it is used as a way to counteract negative perceptions or a seriously damaged reputation challenge. In each of these cases, it is crucial that the team managing the rebrand fully understands the complexities of this type of initiative and it is best that they have the required experience to ensure its success.


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