A while back, Alfredo Muccino was invited to speak at TEDx Patagonia and he delivered a talk about why “looking good” is simply not enough, brands need to strive to “be good” - which is way harder.



In 2012, the government of Chile invited Alfredo Muccino and his collegaue Marty Neumeier, the respected author of The Brand Gap and ZAG, to travel to Santiago and participate in Chile’s very first Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Marty and Alfredo had the opportunity to deliver two talks at TEDxPatagonia and give a couple of seminars on how to build a culture of innovation. They also were invited to a special meeting with the President of the Republic to discuss how Silicon Valley innovation could transform the country of Chile.

TED is an organization that creates a stage for sharing ideas. TED’s tagline is “Ideas worth sharing”. The TED outpost in Chile is TEDx Patagonia and the talks took place during the Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Giving a TED talk is quite an honor – and we were delighted (and a little nervous) to have the opportunity to share our ideas at TEDx Patagonia. Others speakers included our friends Eric Ryan (co-founder of Method soaps), TJ Scimone (founder of Slice) and Daniel Pandza (founder of PassionBusiness).



The government of Chile has made innovation and entrepreneurship one of their top priorities, and to this purpose they organized the first ever national Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The conference took place in November 2012 at the same time as Chile Design Week and it included an exposition featuring resources for entrepreneurs, presentations by global experts on business and innovation, and workshops where local business leaders could participate in hands-on learning sessions. We’re very proud that both Marty Neumeier and Alfredo Muccino were invited by the government to deliver presentations and workshops. Marty Neumeier, collaborated with Cristian Montegu, the president of
MagiaLiquid (our strategic partners in Chile) , and gave a workshop on Design Thinking to a group of almost 200 people. Alfredo Muccino, collaborated with Pedro Ossa, one of the senior partners of Nivel1 (a very well respected business and branding strategy firm in Chile), and they delivered a workshop titled “Creating a Culture of Innovation” – where the attendees learned that it’s important to start with a clear sense of purpose and then learned ways to eliminate the barriers to innovation that exist in so many traditional business structures



The week Marty and I spent in Chile was nothing short of amazing. We had the honor to be invited to a meeting with President Piñera at La Moneda – the official residence of the President of the Republic of Chile. This was the first time that Marty and Alfredo had the chance to meet with a head of state, and it was quite an exciting experience. President Piñera is a multilingual Harvard educated former entrepreneur and university professor who has amassed one of the world’s biggest fortunes thanks to his successful business ventures. He was one of the owners of LAN (Chile’s biggest airline) and he was the man who introduced credit cards to his country. Because we came from Silicon Valley and because he wanted to make Chile into a center for innovation, President Piñera was interested in our insight about innovation and transformation. During our meeting we had a short chat about design thinking, and how to attract and nurture the best talent, then we drank some coffee and took a couple of pictures. In conversation, we were delighted to learn that President Piñera had read – and enjoyed – Marty Neumeier’s books! How cool is that?


When this trip took place, Alfredo Muccino was the Chief Creative Officer of Liquid Agency, the company he cofounded in 2000. Under Alfredo Muccino’s creative stewardship, Liquid Agency grew to become one of the most respected agencies in Silicon Valley. He left Liquid Agency to start Solid Branding.

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