Month: January 2016


Alfredo Muccino, the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Liquid Agency launches a new agency called Solid Branding.



Alfredo Muccino started Liquid Agency with Scott Gardner in San Jose, CA in 2000. Shortly after launching their new company the .com bubble burst, and many of their clients went out of business. “It was not the best of times” says Alfredo Muccino, the former Chief Creative Officer of Liquid Agency. The two partners and a handful of others who helped launch the company did not give up. Instead they rolled up their sleeves and worked together because failure was not an option. Despite the tough economic conditions they managed to survive and ultimately built what today is considered one of the most respected brand agencies in Silicon Valley.

Now, after almost 16 years of providing creative leadership to Liquid Agency, Alfredo Muccino has started a new firm, aptly called Solid Branding. Solid is focused on Brand Design and has offices in New York and Silicon Valley, sharing office space and resources with Liquid.

“For the last couple of years I have had a nagging desire to return to my roots and focus my energy on projects where brand design is at the center of the solution” says Alfredo Muccino, now the CEO and Executive Creative Director of Solid Branding

“I am excited to be running a smaller shop where I can work collaboratively with our clients and provide leadership directly to the teams doing the work” says Alfredo. “As Liquid grew, my role became mostly managerial. At Solid, I am closely involved in the work, and that’s what I love doing most”.

The business model for Solid is based on leveraging a highly distributed global network of talent resources who are assembled into teams depending on the specific needs of the client and the expertise of the team members. According to Mr. Muccino, “This approach allows us to offer world-class solutions without the burden of a large full time staff which often makes agencies less nimble and more expensive”.

Solid is currently working with global brands as well as companies at earlier stages of their growth. Most of its clients are based in the US, but it is also working with companies based in Europe, Asia and Latin America.